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Isoamyl acetate is used for the preparation of many synthetic flavours from apple to piƱa colada and even coffee, Flavour production is the main area of application for Isoamyl acetate, Over 40 flavours involve the use of Isoamyl acetate,
It plays an important part in all beers and is part of the overall flavour profile.
It is produced by yeast during fermentation for this application and is present at low levels (typical 1.4mg/l).
Isoamyl acetate is an important solvent being able to dissolve nitrocellulose ester gum vinyl resin coumarone resin rosin frankincense dama resin mountain resin and castor oil.
It was extensively used in the aircraft industry for stiffening fabric flying surfaces as the carrier for the nitrocellulose and now retains this application in model aircraft only.
It can be used as solvent for chromium determination photography printing and dyeing and as an extraction agent of iron cobalt and nickel.
As Isoamyl acetate has a strong pleasant odour and low toxicity it can be used to test effectiveness of gas seals such as in respirators.
Isoamyl acetate is also used in cosmetics primarily in nail varnish application and removal because of its good solvency.
It is also used in deodorants and non-powered air fresheners.

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