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N-Pentyl Propionate is a non-HAP, slow evaporating solvent. Its linear structure contributes to effective viscosity reduction and improves solvent diffusion from coating films. It is used in Automotive refinish coatings as a solvent. It also finds some use in Personal care and Cosmetics, Fragrance Applications and Printing inks.

Key attributes:

Non-HAP Strong solvency for high solids coatings Proper volatility for high solids coatings and printing inks applications High electrical resistivity for electrostatically sprayed coatings Mild odor Slow evaporation High boiling point and good chain transfer activity Possible excellent replacement for oxo-hexyl acetate

Industrial Usage:

Automotive refinish OEM coatings Appliance coatings Cleaning fluids Cosmetic/Personal care solvent Fragrance solvent Printing inks Polymerization solvent for high solids acrylics resins Food additives -Flavoring Agents Solvents (for cleaning or degreasing) Solvents (which become part of product formulation or mixture) Cleaning and Furnishing Care Products Ink Toner and Colorant Products Paints and Coatings

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